Mitochondrial Networks

Mitochondria play a major role in many cellular processes, working in coordination with other organelles within the three dimensional cell. Thus, in addition to maintaining mitochondrial quality, mitochondrial content, size, shape, and location relative to other cell constituents are each critical to mitochondrial support of cellular function. The latest findings on mechanisms regulating mitochondrial dynamics, turnover, and interactions from diverse experimental and disease models will be discussed.

Mitochondrial Energetics

The classical role of mitochondria in energy metabolism remains a hot topic as metabolic defects are described in an ever increasing number of diseases and cell types. The latest findings on activating, enhancing, and assessing mitochondrial function across the spectrum of tissues and diseases will be discussed.

The NHLBI Mitochondrial Biology Symposium was originally launched in 2008 to unravel the remaining secrets in the study of mitochondria. The fifth edition of this meeting will focus on mitochondrial networks and energetics in health and disease. Leading researchers from around the world are gathering to review advances in our understanding of how mitochondrial structure, function, and interactions within the cell contribute to diseases and aging, as well as to highlight recent progress made with animal models and therapeutic interventions.

While mitochondria have long been known for their energy-providing roles, researchers are uncovering more and more cellular processes in which these organelles are crucial. We have come to recognize just how deeply mitochondria can impact human health, but our understanding still has a long way to go. It is essential that we continue to advance our knowledge of mitochondria as part of the integrated cell as well as in animal and disease models. A better conception of the underlying regulatory mechanisms is critical to developing truly effective therapies.

The field of mitochondrial research is as fast-moving as it is promising. By attending the fifth NHLBI symposium on mitochondrial biology, you are staying abreast of the latest advances in the field!