Rong Tian, MD, PhD

Rong Tian, MD, PhD, University of Washington

Dr. Rong Tian obtained her MD from the West China University of Medical Sciences and her PhD in Pharmacology from Aarhus University in Denmark.  She is currently professor and director of the interdisciplinary Mitochondria & Metabolism Center at the University of Washington. Her work is recognized in three inter-related areas of cardiovascular diseases: bioenergetics, metabolism, and mitochondrial biology. In the past twenty years, her laboratory has made seminal contributions to the field by combining a vigorous in vivo metabolic phenotyping with the powerful technology of multi-nuclear NMR spectroscopy, proteomics and metabolomics. Her research on cardiac substrate metabolism, AMPK signaling cascade and mitochondrial function have challenged the dogma and have brought vitality to a classic field. Dr. Tian’s recent work on NAD metabolism, protein acetylation and mitochondrial sensitivity to stress has yielded a major stimulus to the translational research as heart failure becomes a predominant diagnosis in our aging and obese population.