Oral Poster Presenters

Delivery of Your Presentation: We will adhere to a very tight schedule for this meeting, and we have been asked to ensure that there is no down time while presentations are uploaded.

Session Chair Introductions: The Session Chair will introduce you. Typically, the chair will mention you, your coauthors, and affiliation.

Oral Presentation: The presentation time is 10 minutes, followed immediately by questions from the audience.

Streaming Video: If your presentation includes a video stream, you will need to do a trial run. Please contact 2019MBS@strategicresults.com, so that we can schedule the trial run with our support team.

Trial Run: The morning of your presentation, please check in with our staff to do a dry run. Staff will be available to assist you.

Timing: You will receive a visual reminder via a yellow light from the timer when you are to conclude the explanatory part of your presentation and move on to questions and answers. When the light turns red, you have exceeded the presentation time and should move on to questions and answers. If the light begins to flash, you should conclude your presentation immediately.

Technical Platforms: Both Mac and Windows will be supported at the symposium. Our audiovisual technician will open your previously uploaded presentation prior to your presentation. Your file will be loaded on the desktop at the speakers’ lectern.

At the Lectern: For your convenience, we will provide a laser pointer, wireless mouse, gooseneck microphone, water, notepaper, and pen. If you have another need that we have not addressed, please notify us by September 15, 2019.

Poster Presentation: The organizers do request that you do a poster board presentation of your abstract.

Access to NIH: Our staff will update you on the information needed to expedite your access to the NIH campus and passing through security.

NEED HELP? For further assistance you may wish to consult How to Give Your Best Presentation!