Liza A. Pon, PhD

Liza A. Pon, PhD, Columbia University Medical Center

Liza Pon studied mitochondrial function in steroid hormone biosynthesis as a pre-doctoral student in the laboratory of N.R. Orme-Johnson at Tufts University. As an Kirschstein-NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow with Gottfried Schatz at the University of Basel, she studied protein import into mitochondria and the role of contact sites between mitochondrial outer and inner membranes in that process. She is currently Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology and the Institute of Human Nutrition, and Director of the Confocal and Specialized Microscopy Shared Resource at Columbia University. She has had a long-standing interest in mitochondrial motility, inheritance and quality control, the role of the cytoskeleton and mitochondrial tethers in those processes and the impact of those processes on lifespan control using yeast as a model system. Her recent studies have focused on mechanisms for in ER proteostasis in yeast and mouse models for human disease.

Title: It’s a matter of mitochondrial quality.